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Anonymous asked
Where can I get Formula 103 Hair Removal in South Africa?

Unfortunately, we are not familiar with any distributors in South Africa.  I’m sorry.

Black Opal Lipsticks Announcement

Black Opal has discontinued its line of True Color Lipsticks.  We still have a limited quantity left. So, if you want them, hurry on over to True Color Lipsticks to buy them while you can.

Now, if you loved the color of some of the True Color Liopsticks, don’t fret.  The following colors will still are still around in the form of Color Spluge Luxe Crème Lipstick.

  • Black Currant
  • Ebony Wine
  • Wine Not
  • Bon Bon
  • Fantasic Plum

At the same time Black Opal has brought back the very popular matte lipsticks.  The new name will be Color Splurge Luxe Matte Lipstick  These are some fantastic new colors.

  • Sassy
  • Fashion Fushia
  • Atomic Flame
  • Vampy Red
  • Jazzberry

These colors are gone for good (well, at least the foreseeable future)

  • Rich Red
  • Heat Wave
  • Spiced Rum
  • Burnished Bronze
  • So Natural
Anonymous asked
Do you know why Black Opal discontinued their Blemish Astringent? I was previously able to purchase from beauty supply store, but now I have to resort to purchasing online. Why did they discontine something that worked so well?

Black Opal periodically discontinues items based on how well they sell, not necessarily on how well they work.  That item was actually discontinued quite a while ago.

Hair Rules Back in Stock

imageAfter a couple of months’ absence, we have Hair Rules products back in stock.  There have been a couple of changes in sizes of the products.

The demand for the products has been overwhelming.  We are trying our best to keep up with the orders.  Please be patient if your order is delayed by a couple of days, but we should have supply for everyone.

Hair Rules Products are Here

Knot Genie- Detangling Comb for African American Hair

Treasured Locks is now distributing the Knot Genie comb which is an excellent comb for textured hair.  The Knot Genie gently and painlessly combs through tangled hair.  It makes a great combination along with Treasured Locks’ Knot No More.

Anonymous asked
with thinning locks on the top of my head,are there ways to add hair or make it (the locks ) thicker. I am an older man who has worn locks for years and years. Youngblood

You can use products that will make your hair thicker, such as products from DS Laboratories.  I don’t know of a way to add hair to existing locks.  

Ten Easy Unique Nail Art Designs

Years ago, the popular nail art was French manicures and maybe some glitter as a topcoat to brighten up a plain solid color. However, nail art has been taking off, and the trends seem to be getting wilder and wilder. Girls want to outdo their friends, and they practice at home until they can get the trend exactly right. Colors are getting brighter and the fads are getting more popular. No matter where you go, you can be sure that you will find girls with multiple different nail trends that you never could have dreamed up on your own. But sometimes, the nail art just seems a little bit too hard to do on your own. You look at the girls around  you and wonder how they did that all by themselves. It seems like there are too many steps, and in the end, it’s just not worth it!

We’ve found that when you break each part of the nail art down into steps, the whole process just seems a lot more manageable and fun. Instead of seeing the whole nail and thinking, “I could never do that!” try to think about it in steps. Doing it like this will surprise you at how easy it really becomes. And, if the nail art still seems too overwhelming, you could always take your dream design to a Miami salon  to have a manicurist recreate. Either way, you’ll wow yourself, and your friends, with your amazing new manicure.

How to Maintain Healthy Hair In The Summer


Heat-damaged hair is not cool! As Tyra Banks would say it, looking your best is a H2T or “Head to Toe” affair. To keep your head of hair looking its best during the dog days of summer we have a few tips for you.


If you are going out for a swim, wearing a swim cap can be a simple solution to safeguarding your hair. Are swim caps not your style or too much of a hassle? Another way to protect your hair pre-swim is by applying conditioner before entering the water so your hair stays moisturized, despite the chlorine. The conditioner’s oils will act as a barrier to the chlorine stripping chemicals. Post-swim, rinse your hair right away.

Daily Maintenance

A tip from Dr. Oz, coming from his segment on beauty secrets from around the world,†is to use club soda (or beer if you opt for a sassier alternative!) in your hair. The properties in club soda helps get rid of frizz, and B vitamins and protein in beer remove damaging chemicals, leaving your hair feeling soft and strengthened. 

Heat Protection

Did you know you can get SPF in hair care products? As summer wind, water and heat can leave hair looking dull and damaged, purchase hair care products with SPF as a UVA and UVB filter for an added layer of protection. Also, protect your hair from heat by using a heat protectant product, even if you are not heat styling. Furthermore, try not to use heat styling tools often, such as the blow dryer and curling/straightening iron, and products that are loaded with synthetic ingredients, as this will further dehydrate your hair.

Conditioner is your friend

Using a leave-in conditioner during the day is also a good option.   Do this daily or as needed. Invest in a rich, deep conditioner and use it frequently, even on days when you donít use shampoo. In fact, it is not a good idea to shampoo often as this dries hair out too. When you do have your shampoo days, use one that is specifically designed for moisturizing your locks. While we tend to lather and focus on the top of our head when we shampoo and condition, it is important to pay attention to the ends of your hair too! As the ends are the oldest section of your hair, it will require more care. Also, a shampoo that uses natural oils to help bring moisture to the hair and scalp is great.

Natural Oils

Oils such as Emu Oil, Argan Oil, or Coconut Oil can help hair retain moisture in the summer heat, preventing your hair from getting too dry and brittle.

From the Inside Out

As beauty is skin deep, you must care for your hair from the inside-out; make healthy food choices and drink plenty of water each day. It will keep your skin and hair beautiful and moisturized. Foods such as salmon, walnuts, sweet potatoes, spinach, Greek yogurt and fruits strengthen, nourish and protect your skin and hair. Also consider taking vitamin supplements of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, and folic acid for great hair. There are even hair vitamins for Black hair available as an all-in-one vitamin package.

From the sea to the sun, there are plenty of ways to have fun this summer, but it doesnít have to be at the expense of your hair. 

written by guest blogger

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer from Southern California who covers a variety of industries, including technology, health, holistic medicine and marketing. She loves sharing her tips on how she keeps her hair and skin as healthy as possible. 

Black Opal Even True Flawless Skin Liquid Makeup

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